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18 March, 2010


There are a lot of opinions about "Hell". In Christianity, it's the place where people who have sinned get punished. In Norse Mythology, it's where those who didn't die a warrior's death went and was a lesser heaven. I feel there's an obvious connection between the two that's passed down through the ages and "evolved". Christianity has had a habit of picking things up from other religions during it's time, such as Easter and Christmas which were Pagan holidays. I can't remember where they got Satan from, but that was from another religion that was "assimilated" into Christianity.

Anyway,I think that no religion has got hell correct. If there is a Hell, then it is what humanity has to live through every single day. Life's just a dull, monotonous routine for pretty much everyone. Most choose to delude themselves that it isn't, but every day is pretty much the same no matter what they tell themselves. As I've said before; humanity has reached it's peak. There's nothing left for it now. Sure, they're making technological advancements, but it's just the same stuff with improvements. There's not been anything new for several decades. We're just going round in circles, but making those circles prettier.

I just find humans to be insignificant. They have no real purpose, but they've still managed to survive thus far. It's understandable why they believe there's a God watching over them. No other similar species could have lasted this long without something as powerful as a god preventing them from extinction.

Reading through this post, I realise that I've referred to humanity as part of them and as another being observing them. Both are technically true. I just thought I'd let anyone reading know that I am aware of that fact.

Lord J

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