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21 June, 2010


Going back through this blog, I'm surprised just how much of it relates to religion in some way.
Anyway, that's got nothing to do with what I intend to talk about.

Recently, I got involved in a discussion with an American Christian Fundamentalist about what is right and what is wrong. As expected of a Fundamentalist, especially an American one, they were very assertive about what is right and what's wrong and that there is no such thing that's neither good nor evil. As we all know, if a Fundamentalist tells us something then that must be true...
...Do I really need to state what should already be very clear to you?
It's this sort of person that made me actually think about my religion before realising just how stupid it was, and subsequently renouncing it.
Moving on to the point at hand; this person was adamant that what they believed to be right and what they believed to be wrong was applicable to everyone in the whole of existence, and not just them. In the typical American Fundamentalist way, they then contradicted themselves saying that everyone had to draw their own line about what's right and what's wrong.
They're the sort of person who would call some one who stole food to feed their starving family evil, and then call some one who had killed many people, with an utter disregard of any family they might leave behind, to defend their country good.
A rational person would state that neither of those are good nor evil. What both of those examples are doing is, what would be considered to be, evil, but the motives for doing those things are good. Such deeds can not be classified by anyone as good or evil.
I find it depressing that in this age of Scientific discovery and rational thinking, there are still people who think themselves high enough others to be able to tell everyone else what is good and evil.
In my earlier post about my own religion, I said "I don't think that Religion causes more harm than good". I don't know why I said that. I haven't believed that since renouncing Christianity three years ago. Religion definitely causes far more harm than it does good, especially now. One reason why it seems more harmful now could be that religion is dying out. The people belonging to religions would, understandably, be a bit less considerate about other people when defending their beliefs.
In another post, I talked about how Humanity has, through the ages, used religion and magic to explain the things that they weren't able to understand. That fact is, undoubtably, true. Now Science and rational thinking is explaining those things, the gaping holes of incorrect statements within holy scriptures (for the record, I'm mostly picking on Christianity here) are being pointed out...and laughed at.

Accurately, and mockingly,
Lord J

EDIT: I forgot to include a couple of my favourite things that the Fundamentalist said in the discussion. He was calling us "blind" for being able to see things as they are, and that we'd "become open to corruption" and "evil". [sarcasm]Everyone knows that Humanity isn't fundamentally corrupt and certainly not evil[/sarcasm]. Whether any member if Humanity would be willing to admit those facts, on the other hand, is highly unlikely.