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20 February, 2010

Taint-Spawn (Working Title)

This is going to be my first serious attempt at writing a book. It's based on a story I've had rattling round my skull for quite a few years now.
It involves Templar who aren't religious, an unstoppable monster that frequently stops himself, and an ordinary woman who's now for a fugitive for being part of the crowd. Surprisingly, there's nothing funny in it.
Here's an exert of the Prologue:

"The year is 2113. The “Templar” have now been in power for five years after their hostile take-over of all the world governments. Other than their name, they have nothing to do with the Templar in the historical records. They were just another terrorist group until 2105. No one knows what happened, but it’s obvious that they came into possession of military equipment far more powerful of any country’s. The religious fanatics, as usual, claimed that they made a deal with the forces of hell, and other such nonsense.
People could probably cope with the Templar, if it wasn’t for the fact that two years after their take-over a new threat emerged. We called it “Taint”. Nothing was known about it, other than the fact that any human in a close radius mutates and becomes a savage beast capable of only killing and dying. Because of the Taint, humankind has now sealed themselves off in their cities. They use their planes to travel if they need to, and they have come to depend on the Templar to prevent any of the mutated humans from entering those cities.
The first sighting of a “Taint-Spawn” was just over a year ago. They appear human, but have white hair and violet eyes. The city where it was seen was destroyed within an hour. There were riots about the Templar not doing their job properly, which were soon quelled. It’s unknown how many Taint-Spawn there are. The Templar know there are at least four thanks to reports from cities that were destroyed shortly after sending the reports."

Admittedly, that was the entire Prologue except one paragraph that sets the scene more precisely for the first chapter...which I haven't finished writing. Give me a couple of years and I can attempt to give you a book...assuming it gets published...and that you pay for a copy of the book since I wouldn't actually give them away.

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