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03 November, 2009

Football (NOT American Football)

Since I can hear loud cheering from the pub next to the computer room I'm currently in, I feel this is a good time to note my feelings of football.

I recently read "Unseen Academicals", by Terry Pratchett, in which the Unseen University make their own football team when control of the game "foot-the-ball", an incredibly violent game that's played in the less seen areas of Ankh-Morpork, is handed over to them. It's a good book, which is probably better if you understand more about football. It also provided an answer as to why people go mad over football. In the book, it's very simply called "The Shove". People go mad about it because it's something a football crowd does. It's what singing hymns is to christianity. It's part of the "religion" of football.

As for my personal feelings of the game of football, it is an increibly boring sport to watch unless you embrace the spirit of "the Shove". Playing the game's only marginally less boring than watching. I have difficulty getting into the spirit of anything, let alone a sport I've never liked, so whenever football gets large amount of coverage on TV it irritates me that there's no end to the amount of things they could put on instead that would be better.

Lord J

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